Dr Chris Bourke was elected to the ACT Legislative Assembly on 2 June 2011. In January 2016 he was appointed Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affair, Children and Young People, Disability, Small Business and the Arts, Veterans and Seniors.

Dr Bourke graduated from Melbourne University in 1982; the first Indigenous Australian to complete a dental degree. He has postgraduate diplomas in public health and clinical dentistry. For 16 years he ran a successful private dental practice in Canberra.

He also used his dental skills at the local community level – through pro bono work at the Queanbeyan Public Dental Clinic - and at a national policy level as the President of the Indigenous Dentist’s Association of Australia.

Chris has a 25 year history as an active member of his local community.

He was a member of Regional Development Australia (ACT) which advises the ACT and Federal Governments on regional development issues for the ACT; a member of the Campaign for Indigenous Health Equality (Close the Gap); and chairman of the Australian Dental Association (ACT Division).

From 1997-2003, Chris was Chairperson of the ACT Indigenous Education Consultative Body and from 1994-1998 Treasurer of the Public Health Association of Australia (ACT).

He is a former board member of the Capital Arts Patrons Organisation supporting local Canberra artists.