Chris Bourke served in the ACT Legislative Assembly from 2011 - 2016 and held many Ministerial portfolios including Education, Children & Young People, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Affairs, Disability, Corrections, Industrial Relation, Small Business, Arts, Veterans Affairs and Seniors.

Dr Bourke graduated from Melbourne University in 1982; the first Indigenous Australian to complete a dental degree. He has postgraduate diplomas in public health and clinical dentistry. For 16 years he ran a successful private dental practice in Canberra.

He also used his dental skills at the local community level – through pro bono work at the Queanbeyan Public Dental Clinic - and at a national policy level as the President of the Indigenous Dentist’s Association of Australia.

Chris has a 25 year history as an active member of his local community.

He was a member of Regional Development Australia (ACT) which advises the ACT and Federal Governments on regional development issues for the ACT; a member of the Campaign for Indigenous Health Equality (Close the Gap); and chairman of the Australian Dental Association (ACT Division).

From 1997-2003, Chris was Chairperson of the ACT Indigenous Education Consultative Body and from 1994-1998 Treasurer of the Public Health Association of Australia (ACT).

He is a former board member of the Capital Arts Patrons Organisation supporting local Canberra artists.